High Power Rifle

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Matches begin at 8 am on the 3 rd Saturday of each month from April through December and are open to the public for viewing or participation. See Calendar page for dates.

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This form of competition dates back to the 1870′s, when President Ulysses S. Grant, recalling the relatively inferior marksmanship of Union Riflemen in the Civil War, urged the promotion of small arms training among the Civilian Population.

Today, Members and Visitors can take part in this Historical Competition in either one of two Categories:

1. Service-Rifle: with either an iron-sighted M-1 Garand, M-14 (M1-A), or M-16 (AR-15) rifle.

2. Match-Rifle: with any Iron-Sighted Center Fire Rifle, with a 5-round or more magazine or clip and being capable of the quick reloading required in the Rapid-Fire stages of the Match.

2017 Match Schedule

18 Feb
18 Mar
15 Apr
20 May
17 Jun
15 Jul
19 Aug
16 Sep
21 Oct
18 Nov
16 Dec

GATE is Open from: 8am to 4pm