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Urban Tactical Matches are designed to sharpen your accuracy while protecting yourself through the proper use of available cover against single or multiple targets. The Discipline Leader is a Licensed Certified Firearms Instructor. You will learn and practice proper techniques in the use of cover while honing your shooting skills from behind cover or safely moving from cover to cover while defending yourself.

Taking cover to protect oneself in a situations is very important but you must also become proficient in defending yourself from the safety of cover. Here you will learn and practice proper shooting and reloading techniques to help you in whatever situation you may find yourself in.

Urban Tactical Matches will incorporate scenarios using both Handgun Only and Handgun plus Long Gun (Rifle and/or Shotgun). Materials needed for the match are a Handgun with holster (rigid belt holsters without retention mechanisms are preferred) and at least 3 magazines or speed loaders with belt holders/pouches for 2. Rifle and/or Shotgun with sling. Bird or Buck is generally fine, but there are rare occasions where slugs would be required.

Urban Tactical Matches will transform properly taught techniques into natural reflexes. Natural reflexes make the difference when you suddenly find yourself in a dangerous situation. You can not afford to take time to think about what to do. Your reaction to the situation must be second nature.

This is a match for moderately experienced to advanced shooters. The Urban Tactical Discipline Leader will teach you proper techniques as well as help you correct any bad gun handling habits you may have acquired.

3rd Saturday of every month.
Matches are Open to the Public for participation or viewing.

Mandatory safety briefing at approximately 9:45.
The match will end at approximately 2pm

Gate is Open from: 8am to 4pm

Contact Discipline Leader for more info: