How to Join

There are 3 ways to join or renew your membership with Desert Marksmen. Through our website, at the monthly meetings or by mailing to the Desert Marksmen PO Box address.

Annual membership runs from July 1st through June 30th of each year. Desert Marksmen does NOT mail annual renewal notices to its members. It is the responsibility of each member to renew their membership on or before June 30th of each year to avoid additional fees for late membership renewals.

Joining, renewing and paying through the website is fast and easy. There are complete instructions on the "MEMBERSHIP INFO" tab above.

If you choose to apply or renew by mail, please allow at least 4 weeks for processing, printing and mailing. Download, print and sign either the Mail in, NEW or EXPIRED MEMBERSHIP Application, or the Mail in Renewal Form from below.

Download and Print: Mail in New or Expired Membership Application Form

After purchasing a NEW membership, a range orientation day MUST be attended. At orientation you can pick up your membership packet, this includes your membership card and gate combination. Range orientation is MANDATORY for new members and is held on the FIRST Saturday and THIRD Sunday of each month. Orientation takes approximately 2 hours and is held at the range. Check calendar for time and date.

If you have questions about financial transactions through our website, please contact the Treasurer by clicking on the red "Treasurer's Desk" tab on the left.

If you have questions about Club Membership, please contact Membership by clicking on the red "Membership Director" tab on the left.

No credit card or PayPal information is transmitted to Desert Marksmen. All transactions are handled through the PayPal banking system.

1.) Annual Membership Renewals: $60 USD
( Annual Membership Renewals on or before June 30th of each year. This Button is not valid for Expired Membership renewals. )

2.) The New and Expired Memberships Button: $100 USD
( New members pay the required Initiation fee of $40, plus the annual dues of $60)
( Expired memberships are charged a $40 special handeling fee, plus the annual dues of $60. )

Desert Marksmen is an Official Recruiter for the National Rifle Association. Membership in the NRA is required for membership in Desert Marksmen. You can join the NRA or renew your annual NRA membership through this website on the "Join & Renew Here" page.

There are two payment categories for National Rifle Association membership on our "JOIN or RENEW HERE" page:

1.) NRA Associate Dues / No Magazine: $10.61
( Includes 1 year NRA dues of $10, plus transaction fee )

2.) NRA Dues / With Magazine: $36.35
( Includes 1 year NRA dues with magazine of $35, plus transaction fee )

You can also join or renew your Desert Marksmen and NRA Memberships at a general membership monthly meeting. Our meetings are held every Third Tuesday of the month at 7:30pm in the Palmdale Fin & Feather Club Meeting Room, located on Avenue S, just off the 14 FWY in Palmdale.

Membership in Desert Marksmen is open to the general public, 18 years of age and over. The following are also required:

1. That you are a current member or become a member of the National Rifle Association. NRA annual dues start at $10.00, with no magazine subscription, or $35 with the NRA magazine subscription.You can join or renew your NRA membership through Desert Marksmen, unless already an NRA life member. Desert Marksmen is an Official NRA Recruiter.

2. Pay the Initiation Fee of $40.00, plus $60 for the first year dues, for a total of $100

3. Pay annual dues, (July 1st Thru June 30 th), on time, of $60.00

Contributions, gifts, or membership dues are not refundable, transferable, or tax deductible as charitable contributions for tax purposes.

Equal Opportunity Statement:

Desert Marksmen is an Equal Opportunity club. Our members and employees do not discriminate by segregation, refusing membership, or curtailing participation, against members, prospective members, family members, guests or visitors on the basis of race, religion, color, creed, national origin, age, disability, sex, or sexual preference.

If you are ready to join or renew your memberships online now, go to the "JOIN & RENEW HERE" tab above to continue or, for more information, contact Membership Staff using the red tab on the left.

The Desert Marksmen Rifle & Pistol Club, Inc., PO Box 1124, Lancaster, CA 93584