Guest Policy

All members must know and carry a copy of the club rules to the range. A member's guest has not been issued a copy of club rules and the club holds the member responsible for the actions of their guest.

It is the responsibly of the member to supervise their guest 100% of the time while they are at the range and it is not possible to completely supervise all actions of multiple guests on your left, right or possibly behind you at the same time. 100% supervision of your guest is required.

Desert Marksmen is a private shooting club and access to the range is for members and their immediate family only. The club considers all other guests and visitors as "prospective members" who have come with you to see the range and hopefully decide to join the club. A member is only permitted to bring the same guest to the range twice. After those two visits we hope that the Guest will become a member. Members should not join the club just to have a shooting place for themselves and their shooting buddies. A member abusing the guest policy is subject disciplinary action.

If you would like to bring a Guest to the range, please download and print out the following Liability Waiver and have your Guest fill it out, date and sign it, and turn it in to the Gate Guard upon entering. Your Guest will also have to show an acceptable Photo ID.Completing and signing the Liability Waiver beforehand will save time at the gate.

Download and Print: DM Waiver

The club is patrolled both overtly and covertly throughout the entire week and Guests in excess of ONE (1), accompanying a member to the range, will be detained and prosecuted for federal felony trespass. (The Desert Marksmen Range is located in a closed part of the Angeles National Forest - see US Title 18> Part 1> Chapter 91> ยง1863 Trespass on National Forest Lands.) Your membership card is your permission to be in the closed part of the forest while at our range so be sure to carry it with you.

A member's immediate family members are not under the guest policy rule and are welcome to accompany the member to the range at any time. A member is responsible for the actions of their family members.